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Legal : Safe : Professional

The Professional Difference

New Regulations have come into force requiring anyone flying a drone for commercial use to undergo training and be certificated by the Civil Aviation Authority. This will be in the form of a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) or the most recent GVC and A2 CofC.

A professional UAV or Drone Remote Pilot can legally and SAFELY fly closer to property, people and livestock meaning not only will your footage or photographs be more epic, but will be captured in a safe, regulated, controlled way. We can also fly in restricted areas with prior permission, such as inside Airport protection zones.

A PfCO or GVC holder is a registered, regulated service provider.


With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique approach is rooted in decades of professional experience.

Safety comes first, then cinematography. Whether it’s an epic adventure, or technical mapping, we ensure that the results are perfect. We can provide completed films, with music and voice overs, sound effects, colourisation and more… or we can just give you the raw footage.

How about a live feed to your social media for product launches?


Anyone can fly a drone, but not everyone can do so safely and legally. If you, like us, believe that safety is paramount then capturing footage and data in the proper way is your number one priority.

We are registered with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), we’re fully insured and we have the correct level of public liability. As an additional level of assurance to our customers, we only use Pilots/Operators that have a full Pilots license too. We feel that this gives our team a much deeper understanding of their responsibilities and the airspace around them while flying drones UAV’s.

Our attention to detail is strict. Our hundreds of hours flying experience helps us to inherently know what each customer wants, we use this experience to plan every flight and brief everyone before we take-off.

Operating Area

We currently operate across the south of England, but we're happy to travel almost anywhere. our PfCO allows us to fly anywhere in the UK.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“Grant and the team at Useful Drone really do live up to their name.. USEFUL – they were so professional, so thorough and so brilliant to work with, we won’t use anyone else now.”

Richard Martin

“We were astonished at the results, the Love Andover brand uses a lot of media and we’re so pleased with the service.”

David Harber

“As a property developer, I need great footage to show buyers how wonderful their new home is… Useful Drone deliver every time.”

Marc Phillips