UAV incursions are a real threat, the dangers of a drone attack are not the stuff of fiction. Anyone could fly a drone over your property under any circumstance.

Of course, we’re aware that not all incursions are malicious, 99% of all incursions are made by innocent inquisitive parties, just wanting to have a look at what is going on, or capture some memorable footage. But this doesn’t lessen the risk.

What if, for example the drone lost control, a motor fails or propeller breaks? The device (no matter how small) his heading straight for the ground and anything below it. Even a small drone, falling from the sky is going to land with some force, with the potential to cause life-changing injury. Furthermore, if that drone crashes into, or damages delicate infrastructure, pipelines, valves or electronic equipment, the repressions could be expensive, even disastrous.

Now think about what powers the UAV Drone. Chances are, its a Lithium Ion battery, or LiPo. If a Lithium battery is damaged, the reaction is explosive. It burns at an incredible temperature and is almost impossible to extinguish. The chemical reaction that takes place requires specialist equipment to quench. (we have to store our battery packs in explosion proof cases when not in use).

Here at Useful Drone, we have developed processes and technology to help protect your property against drone attacks. We cover military installations, scientific research, chemical plants, oil refineries, power stations, stately homes, concerts and festivals. All of these locations and events should have an incursion plan in place… safety is paramount.

Incursion plans should include how to detect an incursion, what to do if an incursion happens and how to minimise the risk should an incursion go horribly wrong.

We deploy specialist, undetectable equipment which, in most cases tracks the location of the UAV operator / pilot, which could be many kilometers away from the site of the incursion. Without their knowledge we can send the police to within a few meters of their remote controller location. Clear notification of this technology and demonstrating its use is a powerful deterrent.

We can provide mobile, temporary or permanent installation of Drone/UAV detection. We can detect UAV activity up to 50 kilometers from the base station.

We offer full installation and “be seen be defended” solutions, along with mobile defenses for festivals such as Glastonbury. Talk to us NOW and learn how we can help protect you.